Latest Medium Length Hairstyles

With the new season is always looking for new ideas of medium haircuts, let us see those for fall-winter 2015-2016. Probably because they are among the most likely ever by women, less demanding of long hair and even hair very short (they require the right personality!), And in any case, even the ancients said that virtue is in the middle, said no exceptions also in terms of haircuts: between medium and long bob cuts, fringes loin, the choice is really wide.

Let us start by medium bob that certainly there will be between haircuts packages to the 2016, which will be the fashion? If you love the smooth bob medium or long hair, it will be preferred rather symmetrical, to wear with a simple line in the middle of a slight scaling focusing only on the front tufts, or to carry baby bob style, or with a full fringe that perfectly face (just like the cuts that we did as children, and maybe we could even hate).

But this cut is perfect for call rough and curly, in this case the scaling becomes important to define volumes: to follow the example of some celebrity you can think of the recent medium bob sported by pop star Taylor Swift who framed her face in a medium bob, and moved with natural effect and fringe that makes it look slightly older, and certainly very sophisticated.

Another kind of cut to medium hair that turns out perfect especially for those with a particularly thick hair but with fine hair and often lacking volume is one that plans to apply on an average cut the technique of slide back. Therefore, with foliage both moves that smooth the hair must be brought back on the nape and fixed with gel or lacquer on the front, then go to instead give a little ‘volume on the back of the neck, the effect is beautiful and the younger girls in general about who has an oval face smooth, without protruding ears and, in general, small defects to mask.

Another kind of perfect cut for the ‘fall-winter 2015-2016 which is well suited to a more rock spirit is what simulates’ effect undercut, i.e., without necessarily resorting to a proper shave, you can ask your hairdresser confidence to move all the volume of the cut on one side of the head, while on the other you hold the hair combed behind his ears so smooth and tight: a hairstyle glamorous especially choosing a finish moved or curls in vintage style!

With the new season we all want to change, why collect ideas for haircuts average for spring summer 2015: we tried the coolest trends and also easily portable and feasible and offer them to you hoping that they can be a source of inspiration. For those with the return of warm weather has really want to change the image or make a nice cut to his hair. In addition, not surprisingly, the cuts will mean a real must spring summer 2015, even many celebrities are being converted and when they do it, you know, dictate trend.

We assume that the average cuts are a good way to go for those who have the courage to opt for a short, for those coming from years of long hair and want a change not too radical, but also for those who are trying to make re-grow hair after taking her “masculine” long: the medium hair have their dignity and identity and precise are also comfortable to wear and keep in order. For the spring-summer 2015, specifically, will go to the big cuts average characterized by a choppy styling.

For those who already have this feature of nature even better, for those who must get only so many treatments and products on the market that provides volume and waves soft style beach waves, very feminine and easy to get. When talking about moved often also talks of scaling, this is because the cuts scaled help maintain the volume necessary to have a neat appearance and not shabby: the scaling focus primarily on the length and the tufts.

Long bob, and medium marched and bobs with asymmetrical finishes or tufts longer on the front instead toward the cuts mean perfect for those who want to bring a hair smooth, we have already seen between haircuts coolest of 2015: trends already started with winter and destined to succeed even in the warmer seasons.

To enhance them, as well as lateral tufts evergreen, you can even consider the fringes full and rounded, 70’s style, or fringe super straight and slightly parades occasion to move from one side of the face for a hair look that becomes an instrument of seduction.

Among the celebrities who have chosen the path of medium length how not to mention the always-beautiful Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Hilary Duff, but also the super Jennifer Aniston, the long bob champion for years, corresponding to an average cut, and apparently not interested in change!

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